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We treat a variety of injuries that resulted from an accident that occurred on the job whether it’s just a small strain or a complex post-surgical rehab program, we work in conjunction with your physician(s) to provide the latest in injury rehabilitation care for you, the worker.  We thoroughly assess the problem and create a therapy program that is custom tailored just for you.  Our results- oriented treatment programs are designed to alleviate pain associated with the injury as well as improving range of motion, strengthening the source, and overall relief of the affected parts of the body.


Whether you were injured while working on the line at an auto manufacturer, driving a city bus, packing meat or doing construction- it's all very similar. Your work injury is disrupting your health, your job, and your finances.

Did you know?

Many shoulder injuries are misdiagnosed simply due to the fact that there has not been appropriate imaging of the area. MRI has long been recognized as the gold standard for affirming a full- thickness tear of the rotator cuff. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, proper treatment and healing can begin.

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